OMG......I was desperate to get a massage on a Saturday and this was the only place that said yes....My body was literally caving from stress. Haven't had a day off in 9 months. I apparently booked for the following Sat but they took me anyway. I left crying and elevated beyond measure. What a complimentary team this couple is.... I have had therapeutic and relaxing massages, but this surpassed all of them on every level. Gluay has the gift of healing and her hands are magic...... 1 hour and 45 minutes later I got up off the table literally feeling like a new women. She is simply AMAZING. Her undivided attention and passion for what she does with such kindness and grace , made me feel like I was the centre of her world. If you haven't gone there I urge you to. You will be glad you did and Guaranteed you wont go anywhere else. I have booked for next week for both my Husband and myself and will continue to do so. Simply EXHILARATING across the board. Faye Wilson Ladysmith

December, 2015

For many years I have been a psychotherapist, and have trained in several forms of bodywork and body-centered therapies.  I have experienced firsthand the work of many practitioners, including many masters in their field.  I consider Gluay a master practitioner.  She is a treasure!

In addition to her outstanding massage skills, she has a healing presence which you can sense from the moment you arrive, until long after you leave.  Her intention is clear, and she never waivers.   I feel like I am the centre of her universe throughout the treatment, and my body agrees!   I believe that I am in better shape than ever thanks to Gluay’s treatments.   I experience wider range of motion overall, and my chronic tightness is slowly releasing as I return to greater mobility and functioning.   I am very grateful that she and Andre have chosen to live and work here on Vancouver Island.  

Joe Solanto, PhD

Cowichan Bay, BC

I followed the 5 days certified massage course with Banana as my instructor. She and Coco have just started their business together. Coco is the consultant therapist and also doubled up as my training body. Banana is a very skilled and motivated teacher who just seems to be addicted to giving massages. The three of us had a lot of good laughs during my training. After the basic course I studied another 5 days for the foot reflexology course. It was my luck that this opportunity was available. I wish Coco and Banana all the best with Samui Massage Center and hope to be meeting them again in the future.

With kind regards,

Esther from Holland

Testimonial for " Gluay " At Ladysmith Thai Massage

I have experienced massage, physio and acupuncture at various time and have found them all to be beneficial in their own way. After experiencing " THAI MASSAGE ", I felt like I was getting the best of all three at once. I felt every muscle, joint, and ligament worked until it functioned like it did twenty or thirty years ago.

I did experience some discomfort and stiffness a few days later, but I attribute that to " re-tracing "as the body works back through the original injuries. After the second session I left the table with a tremendous sense of well-being. This sense of well-being has continued several days later and I look forward to it lasting through to my next session.

The whole of the experience was truly " Greater than the sum of all the parts".


Peter Grove, DC ( Duncan )

To anyone in discomfort or you just want one of the best massages in you life, it is all at the Ladysmith Thai Yoga Massage. They are the most professional, courteous and healing people with a genuine concern for your personal well being.

I would send anyone to them knowing that whatever the problem is, they can help.


Austin MacInnis ( Duncan )

Since putting myself in " Gluay's magical hands, the Pain & Stress in my life has left me.


Lois Leslie ( Ladysmith )

I first met Gluay and Andre in September 2014.  I had my first experience of Thai Yoga massage under my big cherry tree on the lawn.   It was very idyllic at the time and I wish we’d taken a picture. Right away I experienced her skill.  She was able to release a knot I’d had at the back of my leg.  I’d had that knot on and off for years.  It bothered me most when driving the car or walking.

Here is my story.  I had a bad accident twelve years ago.  I broke my femur in 3 places.  They called it a spiral fracture and needed to reconstruct my leg with various plates, screws and nails.  I tried to get them to remove the paraphernalia a couple of years later and was informed that because of the nature of the injury that would be impossible.

My recovery went very well at first but as my body has aged, I’m 66, it has become quite troublesome.  When I found Gluay I was experiencing quite a lot of pain from what I can only assume was built up scar tissue around the site. 
At first there were some areas on my leg which she just could not touch as it was to painful.  I experienced a certain degree of relief initially and so went back a couple of times.

 I then started going once a week.  It was at this time Gluay really started to focus on my leg.  As she was working on my leg at one of our sessions, I noticed her working on a hard spot just below my hip which was so hard I just assumed it was bone.  I asked her why she was massaging the bone, she laughed and said, “that’s muscle”.  By the end of that session she had broken through that scar tissue and released my leg. I should note here that I went home and slept around the clock.  I was unable to go back for two weeks as my leg was very sore.  At the end of two weeks however I was able to match my husbands steps when out walking.  I was delighted.  I have combined a once a week yoga class and walking to help support the work Gluay is doing with me. 

This past week we have returned from a trip to Mexico.  I rode a horse for one and a half hours then got off and hiked and climbed up to a beautiful waterfall in the jungle.  Climbed back down got back on the horse rode to the beach and had a much needed Corona.    This is not something I could have done last year. As a matter of fact had it not been for Gluay’s  skill I would not have even considered attempting it.

My leg is sore and tired as I write this but I am obviously still working on getting my body sorted out after all these years of over compensating for a bad injury. I have seen Gluay about eight times since September.  I am thrilled to be able to recommend Gluay and Andre and their wonderful healing Thai Yoga massage.

Matter of fact I’m going to make another appointment right after I send this email.


Deborah Flinn ( Duncan Heights )

Gluay is exceptional in every way  from the heart.

Cheryl  Lynn  ( Ladysmith )


To Whom it may concern  I take this opportunity to render a thankful Testimonial on the benefits of the Thai Massage Therapy service I received from Ms.Gluay Hua-Nonmuang ,office located at 322 High street,Ladysmith,B.C, V9G 1A6
 Firstly,I was suffering  from neck muscle spasms secondary to cervical radiculopathy and my Doctor recommended massage therapy. Having heard good reports about Ms.Gluay's treatment I immediately applied for same.The results were dramatic and the wellness soon evident;whilst undergoing this particular therapy I explained to her my pain and discomfort following my left hip replacement in December,2004

During this left hip replacement a#9 127 Prosthesis was hammered into place causing it to crack,the Surgeon applied two Dall-Miles cables to strengthen the femur, also a tendon was torn in the left groin.This meant I was restricted to feather weight bearing on my left leg, and used a two wheel "walker"for four weeks,subsequent Physiotherapy improved mobility slightly but dis not eliminate the debilitating pain and accompanying restrictive range of motion.Periodic consultations with Orthopedic Surgeons offered no hope of complete recovery in this situation

However,since April,2015  I  have greatly benefited from Ms. Gluay's special Thai Massage treatment,inasmuch as I can now bend to retrieve items from the floor,step into a tub shower and walk up staircases with greater ease and much less pain.

In conclusion, I have no reservations about recommending Ms. Gluay's proven ability and skill to all who require her caring dedication showing

evident results.

 Respectfully submitted

 Ken. W. Gibson ( Ladysmith)